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Whether you are suffering from vandalism, illegal dumping, car or bike theft, security guards not doing there rounds, resident door propping, cash register pilfering, shoplifting, or any activity which puts your property or residents at risk, we can help.  We also are proud to offer Install-it-yourself.  For additional information or to schedule a FREE evaluation from a trained Sales Technician please contact us today.

VigilEASE specializes in professional installation of video surveillance systems. Along with new installation we also offer upgrading of traditional analog systems to state of the art digital ones. By choosing VigilEASE you benefit from long years of relevant experience of our technicians. We firmly stand behind the great craftsmanship of our installers and you enjoy a 1-year limited warranty on all systems installed by VigilEASE. 



Pre-configured Package Systems:

Many companies or property management firms have maintenance people on staff who are capable of installing and maintaining a video surveillance system. For that case, VigilEASE offers pre-configured security systems that will be built by your specific requirements. Our technicians will examine the application and suggest the best solution that fits the building structure and your budget. Upon approval of the proposal by VigilEASE, you will receive a package with all the needed components for a completely functional system. Your installer will be provided with technical information over the telephone.